The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies is a hub for feminist knowledge production and engaged citizenship at the University of Alberta. Its hallmarks include award-winning teachers and scholars, a vibrant feminist research community, and a long-standing commitment to interdisciplinary collaborations.  Our graduates move into their communities as critical and engaged citizens with abiding commitments to social justice. The Department hosts a lively feminist research speakers series and a yearly annual lecture. We also sponsor and co-sponsor a variety of events both on campus and in the wider community.

You can earn a BA Honors in Women's and Gender Studies or a combined Honors degree in Women's and Gender Studies with another subject. You can declare a Major or a Minor in Women's and Gender Studies, or you can just take a course in a topic that interests you.

Core faculty conduct research in the areas of feminist legal studies, gender and development, gender and immigration, sexuality studies, feminist theories of food, feminist philosophy, gender and medieval history, women and religion, visual culture, and memory/trauma studies. In addition, the Department draws from a strong, broad-based community of feminist scholars across the University. Faculty members formally affiliated with the Department work in the fields of rehabilitation medicine, physical education and recreation studies, philosophy, history, human ecology, business, sociology, visual arts, law, native studies, and modern languages.